December 21, 2011

Who's the Guy in the Turban?

Saw this picture over at Argghhh!!! 

While service in the military is not a pre-requisite for the presidency, nor should it be, it certainly helps as commander-in-chief. 

It didn't help Jimmy Carter, however. 

In case you're wondering, Ronald Reagan did serve in the army reserve but never deployed overseas because of near-sightedness.

Not pictured is Harry Truman, who was the last U.S. president to see ground combat (battery commander during World War I) as well as the last president without a college degree.

Bill Clinton told an ROTC advisor that he despised the military. Naturally, Americans, who are a good-natured lot and suckers for charisma, elected him president.

If Obama seems out of place, well...

Guys like that were probably the last thing General Charles "Chinese" Gordon saw before being speared in Khartoum.

Returning the bust of Churchill to the Brits makes perfect sense now.